Saturday, July 23, 2005

College Living

Campus Town Posted by Picasa

As I get ready for my ten year college reunion and a weekend (next weekend) of hitting old haunts and reminiscing about times when 9:35 was the earliest class I'd schedule, I've decided to punish you, my readers, with occasional posts of college.

This is Campus Town... my first college apartment after two years in the dorms. Before this it used to be bunch of rundown bars and businesses and Giulianos Pizza which I loved my freshman year. But all that made way for "progress" and my roommates and I were among the building's first residents. The first floor housed a laundry and Blockbuster, but somehow my movies were still late. It was the ideal location for me as it was two blocks from WISN where I got my first internship and eventual TV job.

As my roommates weren't moving in until the fall, I subletted the other room to my friends Catherine and Nikki the summer before our junior year. This is the kind of drive we had... I was working four days a week as a shooter, while Catherine was working several jobs and interning at the NBC across town. Nikki was interning in Chicago and Green Bay and at my station.

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