Tuesday, July 26, 2005

College Friends

Got an e-mail today from Lisa, one of my best friends from college. 7th months pregnant with her second child, she will be unable to join us this weekend. Lisa worked hard and did really well in school, but when it came time to enter the workforce, she decided she had enough of the Ramen and bad wages. I think she knew deep down that if you want to do it, you've gotta love it.
Lisa skipped TV and went to work for a supplier for Nike, spending a lot of time overseas (unfortunately causing her to miss my wedding) and now she works for IBM. She was quite pleased when I joined her in corporate America a few years back.

Despite her absence, I'm still very excited to see the rest of my college friends. This might be overgeneralizing for some, but for me... the thing about college friends vs. high school friends is that you live with them. They've known you since when you started taking the baby steps into adulthood. They've seen you at your best, but more often at your worst... in your boxers, in the morning, without makeup...

They've been there for your really bad choices... maybe they've helped you to and from the bathroom at the end of a rough night. They knew the real you... the one that was scared and confident all at the same time... ready to take on the world. They knew you before you accomplished anything in your field and despite what you may have done or become, you're still the person they ordered pizza with at one in the morning, or the one they cried with after a breakup or shared your dreams with before you tried to make them come true.

I can't wait to catch up... and remember.

Update: This is why Shannon and her best friend from college were having the best time... up till 4 in the morning on Saturday talking and looking up old boyfriends on the internet.

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