Friday, June 03, 2005

WHOI Change And A Suggestion

As mentioned on Jeff's blog, it sounds like Todd Blackinton is moving back to Pocatello, ID. I haven't met Todd and I really don't have time to find out the details (Fiesta Ranchera is calling), but a couple of thoughts/guesses.

Some people might wonder about this move as it is market 164, so first, a little from his bio on the WHOI website:
  • graduate of Brigham Young University
  • news intern at KSL-TV in Salt Lake City
  • weekend and morning anchor at KPVI-TV in Pocatello, Idaho
I'm going to guess he's from out west... and the lure of home for many is strong. That's how I ended up here (Shannon's home). As I've gotten older, being near some family has become increasingly more important to me.

I'm going to guess he's got some kind of anchor job lined up back there. Probably not enough money if you're a GA reporter.

Whatever the case, best of luck, Todd!

Jeff poses the question, should WHOI hire from within and several people have put in their two cents about that or should/could it be another female. I've got an unsolicited suggestion for Amanda:

How about the Journal Star's Entertainment guy, Brad Burke? Not that I've heard from him in a while, nor do I know if he'd interested, but this could be the TV version of Phil Luciano/WMBD radio.

Brad is a solid writer and those of us who know him know that he's really funny, has a personality that will break through the camera and of course he does have the TV looks. And for those readers who want to wamp (thanks, Beth) about "oh, let's find a serious journalist" go ahead. Comment. My blog, my random thought... just run with it.

It would be some nice extra scratch for Brad, HOI wouldn't have to pay moving expenses or benefits (as his day job takes care of that) and both the station/paper could probably leverage the exposure.

Not that I expect this to happen. Not that I would expect 10% of something if it did. I would just hope Brad or Amanda would buy me lunch.

Update: I love Fiesta. Just reading the comment section on Jeff's blog and someone mentioned Jake Miller. I think I had heard he was in the running for a main job somewhere a little bigger, but if that didn't pan out, he'd probably be a good fit back at HOI.


Anonymous said...

todd will be the main anchor at the pocatella station. might be smaller mkt but could be better money.

Edgar said...

Definitely... main anchors in small markets can still make pretty good money.

Anonymous said...

Love the wamp!

Edgar said...

I'm working hard to make that a part of my everyday lingo.