Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Separated At Birth - Steve Gehlbach and Steve Scheuer

My Tuesday "Separated at Birth" matches two great storytellers named Steve. Steve Gehlbach and I worked together at WEEK and he actually took my spot when I left TV news. He is currently a reporter at WATE in Knoxville, TN.

I swear Steve Scheuer is like the Norm Peterson of Chicago broadcast media. A photographer at WGN, Steve is connected to everybody. We worked together at WMBD (and had played in the Macker for several years with Darrin Willhite - tying multiple posts together). Quick story I love to hold over Steve's head (all in good fun of course).

I don't have a good picture of Scheuer, but when I do I'll replace and I swear this one will be a pretty good one.

In 97, he and I get a chance to do a feature on the old Hubcap House. In a rare standup from me, I'm walking along the outside and say something to the effect of:

They have so many hubcaps that if you stack them up one on top of the other...

(short pause)

and I know most people at this point are expecting to hear the math... you know something like it would reach from here to the moon, but instead I drop something else:

...you'd have a really big stack.

He looks at me with the "that is ridiculous" look he gives me at least once every time we hang out. He tells me how stupid that is and that he can't stand this standup, (all with love, mind you) but in the end he's happy with the rest of what he shot.

Fast forward to his interview at CLTV. He's got this story on his tape and apparently the people doing the hiring... laugh out loud when they hear the standup. Vindication my friend!

He didn't have to tell me that, but he did.


Anonymous said...

nice shot of my tounge and all the chompers.

hey Edgar, can this other Steve get me a gig at WGN? maybe we should be reunited:)

although my real identical twin brother might get jealous!

Edgar said...

I think you guys are triplets.

Anonymous said...

You are killin' me! That stand-up still sucked! But those were the good ole days when we could just go out and find a story... aaaaaaaaah, the good ole days! Don't know when I will be back in P-town. I go to Alaska with Skilling on July 9th. 10 days! Yikes. 8-5 I get eaten by a bear. Talk about a buffet!


Edgar said...

I may be killing you, but tell me you don't see a resemblance...

Oh and that standup ruled!