Friday, June 24, 2005

Rumors Vs. Commentary

I want to set the record straight as I get the sense there could be some confusion about my blog and Jeff's Peoria Television Stations blog.

I won't post rumors. I will post commentary. There's a difference.

Rumor from Jeff's blog had a station hiring a new morning anchor and their news director wrote him to correct this.

Commentary is me saying "I'd like to see Brad on TV or a woman take over for Bob when he decides to hang it up."

TV stations have enough drama... I'm going to relegate myself to stuff that's already posted on their bulletin boards and my observations as a retired newsie.


Jeff Nau said...

I understand you weren't coming down on me Edgar for my recent mistake in spreading that rumor over at my site, but I thought I should comment on the issue because I feel terrible.

I can't tell you how bad I felt about Amanda Wozniak having to correct me for the rumor that was posted over on my site.

In the future I will be practicing a little more restraint from posting comments that I deem to be rumors.

The problem I have is that it's hard to truly confirm anything. So usually when I have 2 or more commenters saying the same thing... I tend to believe it.

I am no journalist.

I love the idea that people come to my forum and chat about our local TV stations. Whether it be viewers or station employees... it helps me learn so much about how our TV stations work. I find it fascinating.

That's why I like visiting this site so much as well.

So I don't want people to stop coming to my blog because I'm posting information that is false.

Like I've said in an e-mail to our stations, and to a couple of the companies that own our stations... I want to be helpful to them, rather than a burden.

Thanks for letting me vent a little.

Edgar said...


You're right, I wasn't trying to come down on you, but I recognize how tough it can be to do the kind of site you want to do, do it the right way and still give it a little "edge" if you will.

My sense is you want to have an inside scoop to things, but there's the rub. See while you say you're not a journalist, your instinct to "break a story" is there.

Trouble is newsrooms as a whole would balk at being the subject of that kind of a scoop.

In situations like that, you'll need to determine the level of credibility of your sources, but at the same time understanding that a news director wouldn't want to see the name of their new hire on a blog before they were able to inform their staff.

Still, I think many viewers and people in MARKET 117 newsrooms appreciate your efforts and because of that, they'll keep coming to your site.

And please don't take my post as negative towards yours. I think our sites, while occasionally containing some of the same information, are very different.

Mine is about reminiscing and keeping in touch and sharing my lessons learned... with the source of all that being my time in TV here.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, all three TV stations and the newspaper did this with the Peoria City Manager search..they tried to scoop themselves and ended up causing a good candidate to drop out.....double standard?