Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Reporter Recognition

I know it's not original to MARKET 117, but I like the opens that WMBD has been using the past couple of months. Yeah, it takes a little longer to get into the show, but just on reporter name recognition alone, consider that viewers are hearing the reporter's name twice... once in the open and once in the intro to the live intro (and three times... in the tag... if it is a package).

Yeah, I expect to hear from the anonymous "oh it's not about the reporter" poster, but in terms of making a connection with your viewers (i.e. will a viewer think to call that reporter with a tip or will someone with a Nielsen diary make a connection between a story they saw and the station they watched etc.), hearing the reporter's name is a good thing. And do the math... a 31 reporter's name is now being mentioned twice as many times as their counterparts across town.

For those of you who work in television, something this simple may seem obvious, but the fact is people aren't paying as close attention as you are. Case in point: I was ordering a drink a couple weeks ago and someone within ear shot turned to his signifcant other and whispered "hey... it's Eric Shangraw."


Anonymous said...

It's NEVER about the reporter and only someone with an ego would think that....ie. a reporter.

Edgar said...

The point of telling a story is yes, about the story itself... but some people will never get the rest of it.

A good storyteller can bring a story to life.

And making that connection with your viewers is important. You need to maintain and grow your audience. Without viewers you're telling the story to, and follow along closely: no one.

But it's so easy to trot out the quick hitting "it's never about the reporter" song and dance every time this kind of post comes up.

It's so much easier than thinking...

Dark Charmer said...

I agree with edgar, but yet again while the story is being brought to life, the storyteller/ reporter DESERVES the respect of recognition just as much as the story itself, and in some cases the story tends to get outweighing respect and recognition and that tends to cause newscasters to leave unduly. Why should we over honor the story and basicallty blatantly disrespect the reporter, that only goes to show the evergrowing trend which puts dishonor and lacking sophistication right up there with being a member of society and for our future generations we don't need that because then the hypocritical "do as I say and not as I do" will only serve to erupt the posterity of present social existence in more rage and the downfall will hit us like a ton of bricks when at that point people will honestly just not care about anything which will in turn put the story as part of a passe' yesterday and to end that before it even starts, actually begins with dignified recognitions.