Tuesday, June 14, 2005

One More On Brad Burke

Heard Brad on the Markley and Luciano (with Eric Shangraw filling in nicely for the new dad, congrats Jamie) on my way home. Very funny. Very entertaining. Brad, I believe started with the hard news before becoming "Mr. Entertainment" so I still think he'd be a great HOI morning anchor as previously stated.

Phil announced that Brad will be filling in for Jamie on Thursday.

Update: (this is a Thursday update): I called in to the show and guessed the number two movie on the Journal Star's best baseball movies list. It was Major League, filmed in my hometown of Milwaukee. Brad did well. I'm telling you... he was made for a morning TV show. And my one man quest to get Brad a spot on TV continues.


Anonymous said...

I think Brad would translate well to the TV side of things in town, but I'm not sure if stations in Market 117 can afford to have JUST an entertainment/human interest reporter. Most stations need someone in the capacity that can do multiple things. ie-fill in for sports on weekends or holidays, cover breaking spot news, etc. I think I would enjoy Brad's take on the lighter side of things on television, but I'm not sure if I'd then be able to accept him covering a hard news story with all seriousness.

Edgar said...

I think Brad started out as a hard news guy at the paper and I think he would have the range to handle it.