Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Old Habits... More Flipping

Nice job once again by Josh Brogadir and (I'm assuming Dane Firkus) localizing the presidential address with military families. Sweet shots of interviews through the viewfinder of what I'm guessing was an extra camera.

Also, a really well done story by Will Koch. On its surface, update on the Bloomington arena being built seems okay, but Will did a really solid job of writing to what he had. Especially liked the wrting to/cutting of "gone" to empty seats. Subtle, I know, but I like the connection... even if he didn't mean to (I have no idea). Also in the intro and close, Will shows a tremendous amount of confidence.

I'll be watching with interest where Will goes next. I think he's strong enough to go back to Phoenix as a reporter, but I get the sense from how well he does when he fills in... that he wouldn't mind doing sports somewhere, but that's just conjecture on my part.

Same with Josh, although he hasn't been here as long and should be here a while still.

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