Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Little Lost... A Little Out Of Place

Only caught the last bit of "Lost" tonight, but kept it on HOI for the "A" block.

Again, another good feature story from Josh (and several nice tight shots from the shooter), however... while I recognize staffing here in MARKET 117 isn't what it is in bigger places, I thought his story was misplaced in the show.

I'm guessing he and his shooter were in Pekin for the EP cop verdict and probably found the buggy story while there, but it was sandwiched in between a bunch of crime stories.

I don't normally point this kind of stuff out, but maybe a few thoughts here might help people who are interested think about shows a little differently.

From a producer's perspective, I like having the live/reporter presence on my lead. Plus, if you have a reporter willing to do both (and someone who is enterprising)... you want to take advantage... because inevitably you'll at some point work with reporters who will look at you like you're speaking a foreign language if you ask for more than just their package.

From a reporter's perspective, the buggy piece was more of a challenge... better opportunity for sound, movement, etc. whereas the verdict story was very straight forward... nuts and bolts.

Still at some point I think both people have to give on something... maybe it's having the lead be a vo/sot only or on the flipside, maybe it means writing the package for an anchor to track and air later in the newscast. I did that a few times and while it was kind of disappointing, it did make for a better show.


Anonymous said...

Would anyone at home notice? When I watched the 10:00, it never occured to me. I just thought, "Hey, that's a neat story" After reading your observations, I caught the 1:35 am replay. I can see your point, but unless your a newsie, I don't think it was such a big deal. When your looking at flow, both took place at the Tazewell County Courthouse. Maybe that's why I didn't notice it early.

Anyway, nice job by Josh to catch a story other than the trial. Covering trials is one of the worst things we have to do and I bet that made the day a little more interesting for that crew.

Edgar said...

To your points, no, the average viewer might not catch and I would really hope that the producer and Josh don't take offense to the observation.

The post wasn't meant to be critical, just pointing out some of the challenges you folks have and hoping to get people thinking about these types of situations. (Please someone thank me for not saying "outside the box.")

Yes as flow goes, both were at the courhouse, but to expand my point that's all they had in common and both stories could more than stand on their own.

BTW, I really enjoyed producing and embraced the "puzzle." I would hope folks at the station can see this as an exercise in thought and not an attack...

Kudos to the entire crew (producer, reporter, photographer)for recognizing and running with a good story when it would have been easier to come back with just what you set out for.

Anonymous said...


What you said was exactly what happened.

The horse and buggy story was something we just picked up while the jury was deliberating in the Beeney case.

We debated its place in the show and took a chance, hoping we pulled it off between the harder news stories.

Thanks for noticing.

Josh Brogadir

Edgar said...

Josh... thanks for visiting the blog. You do a terrific job and I foresee you going far as a reporter. I hope you keep looking for stories like that one.

As for the placement, as someone else pointed out only newsies would have noticed. But even the two of you just debating it will serve you both well in the future.