Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I Love Bubble Hockey

One day... one day. Posted by Hello

Grew up playing the USA/USSR version. The one at Richard's in downtown Peoria is where I play now when I get a chance, but one day I'd like to have one in the house. Still, I can't rationalize spending 25-26 hundred dollars for one, but that's about the only price I can find on the internet. Anyone "knowaguy" if you know what I mean?


Anonymous said...


Go out to The Great Escape and check out what they have. I'm fairly certain the game they have is pretty good quality and not nearly that expensive.

Jason Koma said...


I know someone who has one. He might be willing to get rid of it for cheap.

Edgar said...

Thanks Jason, e-mail some info when you get a chance. I lost your phone number.