Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hey... How About Voting Anchors Off The Island

The above link is to a contest being run by a radio station back home. They're holding auditions for "Milwaukee's Next Talk Radio Star." Which got me thinking... (dangerous I know).

I know posts on Jeff's blog say Jake Miller might be on his way back... and of course I've chimed in with my mini-campaign for Brad Burke. But how about letting viewers decide. Take five finalists and let them audition for a month... each gets a day of the week. You could have them all live together... you could probably find a a house on the Bradley campus to sublet for the summer. You could follow them around... see how they handle themselves at say... "The Lucky Lady"... let people get to know them. Then at some point, let viewers vote anchors "off the island" so to speak till you have a winner.

Amanda could play the role of Donald Trump (as I know, like me she watches "The Apprentice") Jolie Alois could be Carolyn Kepcher and Nick Stroman could be George Ross.

This would be a ratings bonanza. This would be "Must See TV." I would definitely watch.

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