Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hello and Goodbye

Dave Dahl announces a big change at WMBD radio.

From Dave's site:
1470 WMBD announced a major change in the line-up today. Greg Batton is
returning to the station to co-host the morning show with Dan DiOrio, effective
June 27.

We'll be going ahead without Doc Watson, whose last day with us was
Wednesday. That part of it isn't fun for anyone. Doc is a good guy who will
hopefully find something else.

Nice to see Greg back in the market, but at the same time a tough break for Doc. I too hope he lands on his feet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No big loss on losing/replacing Doc Watson, way to middle of the road, no challenge in his comments.

Maybe Greg will counter the left-sided comments from Dan, he seems to be really swinging more to the left each day.

To bad they can't work on getting an edgier (sp) show for the 4-6 slot, Miller did a great job on the LM vacation.

My 2¢