Sunday, June 05, 2005

Finally Saw Star Wars

Got to see it with my brother who was born the year that episode four came out. Didn't read much in the way of reviews. Tired and have a big day tomorrow (later this morning) so I'll leave it at this.

With this series I can get past whatever dialogue and acting and pace many of the critics or the die hards take issue with. I recognize those things, and could write novels, but choose to overlook them. I grew up loving these movies (not enough to dress up, mind you) and go in expecting a great story and an escape... and I got it.

But most of all I got the feeling you get when you're doing a puzzle and there is one piece left. You know how it's gonna look, but there's an immense ammount of satisfaction when you snap in that one last piece.

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Jonathan Ahl said...

Totally agree with your assessment of the movie. I had a great time seeing it, and easily got past its problems. I didn't expect the greatest movie ever made -- just a fun couple hours and watching all the details getting tied up to make way for Episode IV.

I was not disappointed.