Saturday, June 04, 2005

Fantasy Football And Adult Co-Rec Soccer

I saw this article on ESPN and I thought I'd throw the offer out early. Any current or former MARKET 117ers who might be interested in joining the WEEK Alumni Fantasy Football League. And you don't have to be a current/former 25er to play... Robert Hahn, the sports guy from 31 and Melanie Gregg, former WMBD radio anchor joined last year.

Also, the Peoria Park District's adult co-ed rec soccer league will be starting up again in August, but I always forget to recruit for that too until the week before signups... so I'm starting early. If you're interested in joining the Airwaves, this league plays on Sunday afternoons starting mid-August, skipping Labor Day weekend and ending in October. Then, indoor starts in October at the Morton indoor soccer complex. As always, no experience necessary... we just have fun. No yelling between teammates or anything like that.

I've actually played less and less soccer since I've gotten Sunday Ticket and since my knee has really started bothering me.

Anyway, if you're interested in either or both, shoot me an e-mail (top of the page). Don't know how many we'll end up with for football, but I've been telling league members the past few years I'd like to see 16 and we were at 12 (provided everyone comes back). As for soccer, with the addition of a half dozen of the girls I coached who will be attending either Bradley or ICC in the fall, we might have three teams.

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