Friday, June 24, 2005

Disclaimer Validation And Blog Thoughts

The linked article is why this line in my disclaimer is there:

Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect that of my employer. Out of respect for and in accordance with corporate policies set forth by my current employer, I will not be posting from or about work.

Here's a little from the article:

Blogs are proliferating as fast as a computer virus. According to a report
this year by public relations firm Edelman and Intelliseek, a provider of
business-intelligence solutions, about 20,000 new blogs are created daily,
and an estimated 10 million U.S. blogs will exist by the end of 2005.
Together, these blogs link up to create what is known as a blogosphere, a
collective Internet conversation that is one of the fastest-growing areas of
new content on the Web. More than 8 million adults in the USA have
created blogs, according to two surveys by the Pew Internet & American
Life Project, a non-profit research center studying the Internet's social
effects. And 32 million Americans are blog readers — a 58% jump in 2004.

Just a couple of thoughts that have struck me about blogging in the past 10 days...

For Josh's birthday outing, Jill Henriksen took her dinner break and joined us at the game. She knew where we were, but only because she had read where I posted that we'd be in a certain section. I'm not one of the people who thinks blogs and the internet will take over the world, but I do recognize the potential impact.

Look at e-mail for example. It is the primary way many of us communicate. I used to be a letter writer and my friends were too, (I'm a saver and have stacks of letters from 94-96) but as e-mail gained more acceptance, the letters stopped.

Saw Amy Paul at Dan McCollister's going away party last night. Amy shared with me that she's a regular reader and has kind of gotten to know me via my blog. Weird because I, like many viewers, feel that we have gotten to know Amy by watching her on TV (FYI, Amy and I only worked together for two weeks back in 97).

But here's the thing... we can't all anchor the news, but anyone can have a blog. I can almost see a day where people having blog is almost as common as having a cell phone.

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