Saturday, June 18, 2005

Blow It Out Your What?

Not sure how many of you watch the show, but this item was in Bill Flick's Friday column in the Pantagraph.

When a man stepped up on the stage on the WB's "Steve Harvey's Big Time Challenge" the other night, lodged a miniature marshmallow into his right nostril and successfully launched it across the stage where it was caught in the mouth of one of his friends, the television world stood duly amazed. In Delavan, the Tazewell County town, they just cheered. Again.
Scott Jeckel, of Delavan, is fast becoming one of the world's most renowned professional marshmallow nose-blowers. We're still checking on the name of the man -- identified on TV only as "an engineer from Peoria" -- who has refined the art of catching projectiles blasted out of Jeckel's nostril. His job may not involve quite the same skill but certainly involves courage.

The only thing I wonder about these sorts of "talents" is how does one come to the conclusion that they have such ability?

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