Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Blast From The Past

Markley and Luciano got a little off topic when Jamie was trying to figure out what former MARKET 117 personality Phil was at one time trying to woo (the original topic was basically crazy things you've done to impress someone in a courting/dating situation).

Through some kind of misunderstanding about Jamie's past dating life, the name Alice Hout came up as Jamie talked about her dating one of his friends. Alice called in for a little reunion (she apparently has a lot of family/friends still in the area).

The former 19 anchor and 31 producer moved on to WTMJ in Milwaukee as a producer, then to a station in Grand Rapids, MI. She now does PR for Planned Parenthood up there.

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Billy Dennis said...

But we still don't know who exactly which TV person it was who wouldn't give Phil the time of day ...