Monday, May 23, 2005

What Do You Have?

From Steve Tarter's column in the PJStar

TV facts
The number of Americans without pay TV is now less than 13 percent and shrinking, according to a recent report.
The Consumer Electronics Association found that of the 110 million U.S. homes with at least one television, 68 percent have cable while 22 percent are on the satellite. About 3 percent get both.
The decision not to subscribe to cable or satellite is generally not made for economic reasons but because people don't watch much TV, the group noted.

I found this interesting, especially with my parents down for the weekend. I'm in the 3 percent. I have DirecTV (mostly for the NFL package), but I also have the most basic form of cable (what the heck, I have a cable modem) because with the occasional weather issues on satellite, you still want to be able to check out the weather. Now that DirecTV offers local channels, I think our plan is to get those when we move into the new house next spring, but I'm still going to hang on to the cable just in case.

My parents on the other hand have never had anything except over the air signals and they're right in line with the study... just don't feel like they watch enough TV.


Anonymous said...

I must be an unusual case. I'm part of the less than 13% with only OTA, but I watch a lot of TV. Even when I was in college and had cable, I watched the networks 80% of the time or more.

I will admit that I did upgrade to digital OTA, so I now get the WB (from the Quad Cities) in addition to ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, PBSHD, and UPN. I also get ABC & FOX from the Quad Cities, but much of that programming is the same as Peoria, although syndicated shows may run at different times.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you -- DirecTV and basic cable. Wanted to get locals off the dish but the satellite installer said I would need a second, separate dish - one that points to the southeast rather than the south. I had a hard enough time convicing my landlord to let me have one dish on roof, I didn't want to ask for another. So, I kept basic cable.

Alan said...

Rabbit ears. Swapped our DirecTV for a subscription to Netflix subscription about three years ago, and never happier.