Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Timing Is Everything

From Bill Flick's Sunday column

Former WHOI assignment editor Howard Packowitz couldn't catch a break recently...

A fire drill on WJBC: This could only happen to Howard Packowitz, the likable ex-WJBC newsman who nonetheless undergoes life experiences that only Howard -- or possibly Inspector Clouseau -- could undergo.
Other day on R.C. McBride's show on WJBC, it was hyped all morn that Howard -- these days he's at the Dow Jones Newswire in Chicago -- would be a special guest, in honor of the station's 80th birthday bash.
Finally came Howard's big moment.
He went on-air, live, with McBride.
That also is precisely when a fire alarm went off in the building where Howard works, a voice in the background booming over a loudspeaker that this was a fire drill and everyone should evacuate the building immediately.
Unimpeded, Howard tried to go on being interviewed anyway, cell phone in hand, huffing and puffing with fellow workers as they streamed out, all the while also trying to explain to those around him why he was continuing to talk on a telephone.
("I'm being interviewed on live radio! ... please, everyone, I'm on live and having problems hearing ...").
Said McBride later: "I thought at first he was putting me on, but no ... "
Yup, only Howard.

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