Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Thanks 25 Sports

Thanks to Josh, Jesse and Lee at 25 for covering a big milestone for the Pekin Girls soccer team. After eight consecutive losing seasons, we're one win away from guaranteeing a winning campaign. Kurt and John at 31 covered our program setting a season high for wins last year and while I recognize the "hook" for both stations was the fact that I used to work on air at both, my girls have worked very hard the past two years and any coverage they can get is a bonus.


Jeff Nau said...

Congratulations Edgar and your Pekin team... I watched the piece this evening on News 25 at six. Josh Simon did a wonderful report I thought... along with those behind the scenes.

Edgar said...

Thanks, Jeff. Our team still struggles to compete with the elite teams in the area, but we're taking steps in the right direction and I'm proud of the progress they've made.