Friday, May 20, 2005

Star Wars Episode III

I grew up loving Star Wars. Had all the action figures etc.

Looking forward to seeing the last of the series... maybe tonight, maybe not. We'll see.

Enjoyed Lisa Miller's story the other night... Bob Carroll's from yesterday too. I couldn't help but wonder though if the one guy in Lisa's story asked her to play the role of the princess when the interview was over.

Bob having the shrink interview was priceless.

When Episode I came out, my friend Darryl and I did the 11:00/11:30 live shots (California), stayed for the movie and also did stuff for the morning show. That was a lot of fun.

I know some people like to crack those dressing up, but it's all in good fun I suppose. It can get a little odd. What scared me was seeing the second Matrix after a video shoot in Roanoke, VA. Some guy in a trench coat was standing in the front row, waiting for the screen to light up as if he was Moses and the Ten Commandments were about to be projected. Yikes.

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