Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Longest Yard

Saw the remake of "The Longest Yard" tonight. Not a big fan of remakes generally if I liked the first one. The original version of this movie was gritty and had heart, so I went in kind of skeptical. But this movie was freakin hilarious and much funnier in the laugh out loud sort of way. Yes, it had cameo after cameo, the predictable, gratuitous Sandler humor added to it (as well as an appearance by Allen Covert) plus updated dialogue, very specific to the last decade (and maybe that'll date it), but all that combined to make it enjoyable. They really tried hard not to be the original. Yes, a lot of it was immature and sophomoric (and a few shots, honestly kind of gross), but if you're looking for that going in, and you like Sandler, I think you'll really enjoy this flick.

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