Sunday, May 08, 2005

Kudos to HOI

Caught most of HOI's 5:30 today. Good Mother's Day stuff...

Enjoyed Brock's piece on the military mom. As I had mentioned in a previous post... with the line "a simple breakfast..." he was able to build in a little suprise (obviously more if the package was viewed as a stand alone). The shooter did a good job with sequences in a story where there wasn't a lot to shoot.

Josh's piece on the quads was solid. Wrote well to video, good phrase turning (for lack of a better term) and he found just the right spots to break up his track with nats. He's been doing this a lot lately and it really hummed in this piece.


Anonymous said...

Reporters don't script many nats at HOI...the photographers do it when they edit. They're entirely in charge of the flow. Kudos to the shooter on that piece and to their cheif for teaching them how to make a package flow with nat sound.

Edgar said...

Thanks for the insight