Sunday, May 29, 2005

Cards On Televsion

I like cards, but I'm not a card player. Steve Tarter shares his list of boring TV genres and broadcast poker heads up the list. I'm with him on this. I just don't get it.

Although it has gotten me thinking recently. Anyone remember the Weird Al Yankovic movie "UHF?" They had a sequence where as an independent UHF station they were coming up with their own bizarre programming and running a commercial to publicize their lineup. That commercial had the same tone as the ones you hear on HGTV and TLC... you know for all the various baby, wedding, dating stories or the infinite number of ways to buy, sell or fix a house.

Narrowcasting has really taken over...


Anonymous said...

You wanna talk about BORING....the crap he always suggests on Ch. that's boring TV.

Then we can talk about boring radio....again, Tartar always tells us we should listen to WGLT and WCBU. ugh...I'd rather shoot myself. Tartar shouldn't be telling anybody what boring is.

Anonymous said...

whoever wrote this comment is boring.