Monday, April 25, 2005

Yeah, He Called It

Thanks to WMBD's Mark MacGregor for sharing this from his journal via e-mail.

Rusty took Steve Scheuer out for lunch for his last day at work and I tagged along. We went to Chili's and discussed the entire situation along with the rumors that were quickly spreading about Edgar and Shannon becoming an item. Steve knew things, I heard things, and Rusty saw things and we all compared notes. It was to become more apparent this evening at Jimmy's for Steve's going away party. Shannon and Edgar had a corner to themselves and stayed side by side the entire evening as everyone buzzed with rumors around them.

Yeah, he called it.

Mark was also one of the only people who came out to Monterey to see our new life... before we came back here. His 10th annual spring party is coming up as is the Friday bowling event (this is your plug, buddy). I'd like to take a moment on Monday... I write again... Monday... to encourage other former newsies... to come on out... even just for a little bit. I emphasize Monday cause now you can't say you didn't hear about it till it was too late. Don't make me name names (and e-mail me for the info).

I'm also looking forward to getting to know the next generation of MARKET 117ers a little better... and meet any of the new ones.

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