Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Sense Of Style

I'd like to commend Josh Brogadir on his efforts to do something a little different while covering the "gambling mayor" on Monday. Lots of short, quick bites... he's definitely feeling out what will eventually be his "style" (by the way, for people back in the day... doesn't Josh look like a young Jim Dugan?).

For my tastes, it got a bit choppy, but developing your style as a reporter is trial and error. When I would look back at the stuff that I thought was decent at the time usually I'd find it either okay, or I'd just plain hate it. But that's all part of growing as a reporter. I've said this before somewhere, but reporters who think it was good just cause it made air will take longer to improve. Josh's story shows me he's someone who is willing to take chances with his storytelling and that will make me pay attention to his future work.

Like anything, we have to learn to crawl before we walk and walk before we run.


Anonymous said...

That style is what's winning awards these days...ever pick up an NPPA "Best of" DVD (the reason I dropped out of the NPPA)? Us old-timers just don't get and never will....I still hate it and slap reporters who try to do it and fail miserably, but your right, it's someone in this market taking a chance when it comes to storytelling. For every Josh, you have 15 wanna-be reporters that botch it.....Josh at least makes sense.

The thing I've noticed about Josh is he seems to know when to use what style....when he does a serious piece, he can slow it down and effective, but when he's doing a lighter story, he can have fun with it and keep the flow moving.

I didn't see the piece your talking about, but my guess is he took what could have been a rather dry, "here-are-the-facts" story and tried to do something with it. Wish there were more like him and wish I'd get the chance to shoot with him.

Anonymous said...

some NPPA stuff gets choppy. a wise reporter I know calls it "benihana editing".

but I recently watched a number of KUSA's entries from this year. I think you can still find some of the stories on 9News.com under the story about their Station of the Year win. some great stuff(watch the story about the blues singer)
I didn't see a lot of quick cutting, or anything that got in the way of the story.

I have a copy of KARE's winning entry tape from the late 90's and I do remember some benihana back then, but most of the editing was great. they knew when to push it and when to lay back.

I've never met Josh, or seen his work, but I think it's great when reporters try something and make it work. Peoria's a good place to try something new.

those who worked with me in Peoria knew I wasn't afraid to experiment reporting, or shooting a story. most of the time it worked. I think you have to keep learning in this business and get out of your comfort zone once in a while. watching good work from other places is a good start.