Monday, April 25, 2005

Low Morale???

Someone posted on Jeff's blog about low morale at a station...

As a coach, I regularly remind my girls... when I hear them complaining about their parents... that when they see me with my little girl, they need to remember that "that is how your parents continue to see you, even in your teens and despite how much you might be fighting and thinking they don't know anything, they do... and they love you."

I have friends who have moved on to much larger markets, some that current MARKET 117ers know, others I went to school with and still others I know from working in other markets. But in talking about their first/second jobs in smaller places, the majority will tell you in different ways, something to the effect of, "I make a lot more money now, but I've never had more fun or been closer to the people I work with."

I am confident in the truth of both of these statements.

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Anonymous said...

I think a lot of times if low morale is not coming from an over-infalted ego, it comes from the equipment we're forced to use.

Cameras that are glued and taped together and turn out poor pictures. Decks that have heads so bad they're beyond repair but won't be replaced so video comes out pixalated or distorted. Computers that still running Windows 98. Constant teleprompter breaks. IFB's that you get a loud hum through.

Our bosses are always looking at Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, etc and wanting us to mimic what we see there...not the style, but the exact piece, but we're not given the equipment to do that stellar package or that memorable live shot.

The morale problem also comes when employees don't feel appreciated....and that happens a lot in small markets. The three I've worked in have all had the same problems. You have the young kids who don't want to learn and the old farts that don't want to grow but do things the way they've been doing them for years. It's all about attitude.

I've also worked in a top 30 market. I went from a 120's to a 30's. I hated it. The people did nothing but yell at each other. No one got along and everyone had a huge ego. I've since jumped back down markets actually going backwards. The pay sucks, the gear sucks, but I've made more friends in these small markets than my 3 years in a large one.