Monday, April 04, 2005

Light Blogging Again

Another busy work week, two big soccer games and two practices, plus the NCAA title game will keep me off the computer most of the week.

Random, yet somehow connected thoughts... follow along.

Still watching 24, Survivor and The Apprentice... started watching Desperate Housewives (guilty pleasure that I would have been watching in the fall when it debuted, but it interfered with football).

Watched the Final Four. North Carolina has more NBA talent than Illinois, but I think they are very undisciplined. Sounds like Michigan v North Carolina for the title, with this year's Tar Heels playing the role of the Fab Five. Look for Illinois to win, but based on the talent of their opponent and their coach's Final Four experience, they'll have nothing to be ashamed of if they don't.

Very funny segment on WMBD tonight with Lisa Miller and a very orange haired John Alois talking about the NCAA's.

Props to Rachel Ryan (formerly of WMBD) and Dana Anderson (formerly of WHOI) on their Walk Smart, Drive Smart spots that have been airing on local TV.

Best of luck to Shelli Dankoff (formerly of WMBD) who is running for school board in Washington.

Congrats to my Pekin girls soccer team which for the first time has defeated Washington after a tough 2-1 win over the weekend.

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