Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Joker's Wild Redux

Remember the game show, The Joker's Wild? I loved that show. You know, the one where they had three big screens and to score big you were hoping for jokers. Jack Barry would yell, "joker, joker... joker." There is an elipse there cause that last joker always took a little while longer... I'm guessing for effect.

I'm going to also guess that in just about every TV newsroom, in every market that has at least three affiliates doing news... there are three television sets together to monitor what's on your air and what's on the competition.

I don't know who or where I got this from, but when all three stations were running the same story at the same time... I'd yell, "joker, joker, joker." If you work in a newsroom and are reading this, I suggest you try it too. Its kind of fun.

Shannon and I were just flipping tonight, but I recognized it right away... and fittingly the "joker" was the gambling mayor, Lyn Howard.

Update: a poster questioned whether some of the younger newsies would get the Joker's Wild reference, so I've added a link to something called gameshow galaxy with a page about the show.


Anonymous said...

The question is whether the youngsters in the newsroom will get the reference.

I loved those old game shows.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of game shows. Here is something rare: