Friday, April 22, 2005

I'm Not A Critic... Not Really... More Like A Cheerleader

Really. Over dinner tonight I was expressing to a friend that I never know what people think of this blog thing until they talk to me.

People I've talked to who aren't in news or who have never worked in news seem to like the perspective.

Newsies usually have a similar take, although on occasion I will hear of grumblings. For the grumblers:

It doesn't matter what I think. Someone at one station doesn't like that I give credit to another station for something... don't pay attention. You're not on some random list I've thrown out here. So the heck what.

My friend's neighbor, who I'm also friends with suggested that I could be a critic, but really I'm too close to too many people still working at the three stations to do that. And really I don't have the time to do it the way I'd want to do it. Maybe 20 years from now when my kids are out of the house, and everyone I know is out of the biz (well, except Mac) and I'm more crotchety. Is that how you spell crotchety?

I'm more of a cheerleader for the people who deliver our news here... most doing it for little to no money... many with fairly crappy hours. Of course I have a great deal of respect for what they do because I used to do it. That's really why you won't see me call out stuff/people that I see on TV... that makes me reach for the remote or yell at the TV like it's football season and my team just got jobbed. Read the intro to TV news for dummies for related thoughts.

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