Monday, April 25, 2005

Hey, I Hope...

Recent posts about "two and out", small markets and ability/marketability didn't offend anyone or get people down. Just re-reading them and I can see how they might. That was absolutely not the intent.

Much of it came from a conversation a friend and I were having over lunch last week... just wanted to get some of it out.

Like I've said, not my rules and just my opinion... do with it what you will.


Anonymous said...

Whenever anyone does a top ten list....there is always controversy. What would we ever do without them?
Gehly-we miss you!

Edgar said...

Hi Beth... I just want you to know that today I used the word "wamp."

I miss you and Eric :)

Anonymous said...

e-mail me your number beth. got to catch up( miss you guys too. got to get back through Chicago soon.

edgar, maybe you should do a "top ten Market 117 hairdos". that should get people going.

Anonymous said...

Already been done by the River City Times. Amy Paul surprise there.