Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hello Heart Of Illinois

Jim Mattson covered the Notre Dame/Pekin game last night. Actually, he was shooting their goalie for athlete of the week after she had one heck of a weekend in net.

I'm proud of how far my team has come this year, but Notre Dame really has a terrific program and I think they'll make a good run to state. As much as I was angered by the incident involving some of their fans at the start of the season, that should not take away from what their girls are accomplishing on the field and I wish them the best.

WHOI is the only station that has been to any of my games, although truth be told, they were there to cover ND both times and I have no problem with that. Last year, WMBD did a story on us and they and WEEK will mention our scores if I remember to call.

But back to HOI, I've got this theory. The way Jim covers high school sports, he really does personally get everywhere in the viewing area and has for years. With that focus, I want to say the great majority of teenagers in MARKET 117 know who he is.

Does anyone think that 10-15 years from now when all of these kids are adults... that this will have an impact on WHOI viewership? I wouldn't be suprised if it does.

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Anonymous said...


There are a couple of problems with your theory regarding what Jim does at HOI. First of all, everyone knows that the news numbers for 18-34 are horrible and irrelevant. Secondly, because we aren't a metered market, even if eveyone in the DMA turns to HOI at 10:18 to watch Jim's sports, it wouldn't make that much of a difference in the ratings.

Anonymous said...

And he's been there....what 20+ years already? Even if you go back as recently as 5 years, there would be kids that he covered that would be old enough now to have an interest in the news, so you'd think the numbers would be going up already.

Not to mention the parents of the kids right now. If your theory were correct, those parents would be watching 19 now and numbers would go up.

I don't think it's enough to make a significant differnce in the ratings. I think it's more of a public service that few people appreciate, but it's something Jim loves to do and it's what sets him apart from Kurt and Lee.

A lot of people say bad things about Jim Matteson, but I've never seen the other two Number 1's shooting anything. Jim puts himself out in the community and there are people who love him for that reason.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the second post. Considering that many of the same kids who Jim covered when he first started this feverish frenetic pace of covering everything and anything high school now are in their 30s and almost above that 18-34 demo. Also, there is the other school of thought that having a number one shooting just makes your station look bad. How many times to Mac or Bob Larson or anyone at the other two stations one-man-band? I saw it's quality over quantity that keeps viewers interested. Those who like sports and those who don't. Jim has a niche for sure. Many people love him and many others don't. But just like all sports in local news it doesn't drive ratings. Also, Edgar what does it say about someone who is loved that you have to put a disclaimer in the post to keep things positive. Maybe that tells more of the story than anything anyone else can say.