Friday, April 15, 2005

Heated Debate

There is a heated debate going on at Peoria Television Stations about should people working in news be blogging. As a previous post of mine has been put up on the "for j-blogging" side, I do want to clarify my thoughts for those who don't follow the link.

I don't want to know a reporter's opinion on a story. I don't. On a personal note, as someone who is friends with/knows a lot of reporters, I actually like seeing them cover something where I know what they think and then judge how they covered it. More than nine times out of ten, I think they do a good job.

I do think if we've got reporters blogging about what they think of an issue or topic, it just gives viewers ammunition to accuse them of bias one way or the other. While I have stated in the past that TV news is slightly watered down journalism, I don't think there's a need to take it a step further (by the way, I said this when I worked in TV news and will say it if I ever again work in TV news).

My old post does state just a couple of things I think newsies could blog about, but even with that there could also be a very gray area. Hypothetically speaking... let's say a reporter was irritated because not only did a certain gambling mayor not return their phone calls for an entire week, and also gave out a phony phone number for the attorney who was supposed to be handling things. Hypothetically speaking of course. Maybe if the reporter blogged about that, the mayor might not comment the next time comment was needed... or maybe they'd make a stink about it... even if it was true. You get the idea.

I understand Bill's point about people appreciating columnists, but I think that needs to be separate from people who cover the news. Another poster mentioned possibly burning bridges and I think that's a very valid point. Maybe, as I think someone else suggested, a GM does a blog, much like some GMs do commentary. Just a thought...


Anonymous said...

I don't think that people at TV news departments should get as opinionated as most bloggers. Or like some other places on the net that I would deem too excessive in that area for almost any news.

But opinoin is always biased by everyone in everything. And to think otherwise is folly.

And commentators and reporters both bring up subjects, and sometimes swap roles inadvertintly because of this. A good worker will know how to maneuver through those situations to avoid his or her opinion getting in the way of their job.

If you ask me...some of this debate is as silly as people who claim that Google (robot and people) News has "conservative bias", or others who claim it has "liberal bias".

Anonymous said...

it's funny you mention the part about the mayor giving out a phony phone number for his attorney... b/c that actually happened!

Edgar said...

That's funny cause a "reporter" got on here telling me how much a friend to the media the gambling mayor really is.


Anonymous said...

Must not like you. I got the real number and I got it by calling Mr. Howard at home.

I know there's one station he doesn't like and it's the one you'd least probably work for that station so you got the phony number.

Anonymous said...

Is this guy like 12 years old or something? Sheeesh.