Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Credit To The GM

I want to give WEEK GM Mark DeSantis credit for posting on Jeff's Peoria Television Stations blog. While it might seem minor to most, he is making himself visible to a growing audience that, if they're reading Jeff's blog, is obviously interested in local TV news here in MARKET 117.

While blogging is still not yet "mainstream", it is clearly growing at a rapid pace and Mark is embracing that.


Jeff Nau said...

Glad you're posting again.

I was very happy that Mr. DeSantis took time to respond to the blog. WMBD's GM Kevin Harlan has been checking out the blog as well. We have been e-mailing back and forth.

I have to be honest with you. When I began blogging about local TV it was fun commenting and giving my opinion from a viewer's perspective. I never thought anyone would be checking it out. Sure, I thought I might get an occasional look or two... never did I think anyone important would check it out.

I credit both you and Bill for giving me a plug here and there. Thanks.

It's like you've said in a previous post... you just never know who's reading.

Billy Dennis said...

I think it's absolutely essential that people in the media keep an eye on what the Blogosphere is saying about them.

It's also essential that people in the media don't be afraid to comment, by name. I've found myself adjusting my thinking quite often after beign contacted by the people close to the things I write.

I guess that that they say that communication is important.

We are read not only by local people, but by people in the industry all over the world. What we write abotu the JS, WEEK or the other media in Peoria affects how they are perceived, here and elsewhere.

It's just good basic public relations. It's surprising how so few people in the media get that.

Hey, I'll keep plugging you guys as long as you do good stuff.