Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Congrats, Amy

Jeff reports (and I saw it on 31 at 10) that Amy Paul is this year's recipient of the YWCA "Lydia Moss Bradley Communications Award". The award goes to a woman who is a leader in the communications field such as journalism, marketing, or public relations.

Amy and I worked together for just about two weeks. I thought for sure she would be "two and out" and I'll bet (just a guess) if you ask her, she thought so too, but like me, she found love in MARKET 117. I'm such a sap. To her credit, she has become really involved in the community and I applaud her efforts on that end.

Totally unrelated, but I would just like it to put it out there for the record: Amy is a really, really good dancer as I witnessed at Darcy and Ryan's wedding. I'm jealous as I have no rhythm.

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