Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Almost Tax Day Live Shot

Lisa Miller was live at the post office for the obligatory almost tax day live shot. She does a pretty solid, consistent live. Something was wrong with the tape that her package was on though.

I did this shot my second year at WMBD. I thought it went went great. Bill Lamb even took the time to tell me he liked it. It was the "walking and talking" kind that the consultants say you have to have. That was the only other thing I would have liked to see from Lisa tonight, but I recognize the situations are different... mine was night of... there were people driving up to the box.

At one point, I just interrupted someone mailing their taxes, stuck my head in their car and we started talking. Spontaneous, unscripted... good live TV. Unfortunately, no one was rolling an air check. Ahhhh. That's the worst feeling when you're looking to put together a tape.


Anonymous said...

ah, so your the one that started that...DAMN YOU! I've seen that exact same live shot every tax day for the last four years and I expect some reporter to think they have an original idea and try it this year as well.....and it's always for "the tape" as well.

Edgar said...

There are no "original" ideas and the I've seen someone try the "same" live shot and have it blow up in their face. A lot of it is luck and who you might get driving up.

Jonathan Ahl said...

It's nice to compliment somebody on a live shot, but when will there be an honest discussion of how often the live shot actually LEADS TO BETTER JOURNALISM?

How many times do we have to suffer live shots from the parking lot outside the station or live shots from outside a dark building where "just a few hours ago, news was actually happening."

I would rather see a well produced, well written, well delivered package then a live shot for no reason.


Anonymous said...

So would most people who actually take part in live shots Jonathan, but consultants tell us that live shots show vieweres a sense of urgency and shows them that we were actually there and since we pay consultants more than we pay our staffs, we better do what they say.

If you have 1:50 to present your story by the time you do a :20 live intro and 20 live tag, your only left with 1:10 to tell a story....i think it sucks.

Fortunately, Market 117 is not "dog-lick live shot" crazy. One station is starting to do it to try and set themselves apart, but still not as bad as most markets with 3 or 4 lives in front of empty buildings in each show.

Edgar said...

Jon, I think mostly the live shot doesn't lead to better journalism.

I think even before back in the day, it did. I'm going to guess most live shots were done to bring you news from the scene as someone was getting it.

Today, more often than not, it's a toy. Hey look were "live!" Heck, I'm sure there are stations out there just hoping people will see the live truck and tune in when they get home.

Think about big city markets that have a reporter out live multiple times each morning. Useful if something happened, but mostly its about fluff or for presence.