Friday, March 25, 2005

Where To Hang Out

It is a Friday night and I'm home... watching basketball, playing with kids and blogging. I used to go out, but have little desire to do that anymore.

I remember my first night out in Peoria. Aimee Nuzzo and Chris Curtis took me to Sully's and The End Zone (which is something else now, and I can't remember what). At about 2AM, I was ready to go home... which is when Aimee explained to me that the downtown Peoria bars stayed open until 4AM.

For those of you who have moved on... where were your favorite haunts? For newsies still in town, where do you like to hang out after the 10?

Update: I would be remiss in not mentioning that Mark MacGregor used to get us all to Landmark for bowling, before heading downtown... this was towards the end of my time at 31... but also where a romance with one Shannon Tebben started to bloom.


Anonymous said...

those were the good ol' days. I too, have given up going out as I've moved on to a new city and am getting older. don't know if it's this place, my dayside shift, or both.

at 25, I think we had a different hangout for each night of the week. Tuesday was Old Chicago night($2 pints) and Thursdays were Karioke nights at that little dive up the hill by Bradley(name escapes me now) then there used to be many nights at Damons. my favorite was probably the place in the basement of the theater downtown(can't think of that name either...may be I drank too much)

I was also pleasantly surprised to find the 4am last call. then it was time for some food...Hoops was always good, or IHOP was open 24 hours.

Edgar said...

The Basket Case is the place... I think the 25 crew still ends up there on Thursday nights.

I too instigated many a late night breakfast run. Of course my first choice was always the tremendous 12 at Perkins.

Jonathan Ahl said...

Tuesday night at Gorman's was a big hangout after council meetings. (Hmmmm, free pizza). Mike Ramsey from the PJS and I were regulars there for a while. We drank a lot of beer and ate a lot of pizza.