Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What's Your Plan "B?"

In the wake of what happened to Jake Miller, it begs the question: what's your plan "B?" You just never know what's going to happen in whatever industry you're working in. If I remember correctly, Jolie from WHOI just got her job here before her station in St. Louis shutdown news and that is a top 25 market.

It's not a bad idea to stay in touch with people at places you want to go, even if you don't intend on going there right now. It's also not a bad idea to make connections in other industries where your skills could transfer.

A friend of mine will from time to time encourage me to send him a tape with the hope of getting freelance work or at least getting on his bosses' radar. An excellent idea. Not that I plan on leaving where I am anytime soon or expect layoffs etc. Now if I just had the time to get a tape together...

I tell people all the time my paranoia keeps me from being suprised.


Anonymous said...

I am on plan... F right about now.

Anonymous said...

face it e.... you're a bottom feeder! Reach for the stars! just giving you a hard time.
"the source"

Edgar said...

One day I'll get off my butt... I promise.