Sunday, March 20, 2005

Watching Weekend News

I know it isn't his first night back, but welcome back to Jeff Muniz after spending a few weeks at home with his wife and the new baby.

Paul's anchoring on 19 with Laura off. As much as I'm a big fan of when Amanda will bring in the main team for a big event, this is a regular Sunday. Come on reporters... step up to the desk. Even if you have no interest in being an anchor, it is a good experience.

I thought I'd check out our newest anchor on 31 as well... instead I see a horribly cheesy shark movie. My eyes cannot roll far enough back into my head for how bad this is. Yet, I can't bring myself to switch back to 19 or 25. It's like knowing two trains are going to collide... can't... take... my eyes... off the screen.

Maybe this needs to be a strategy... put something so bad on people can't help but watch... equals great lead in. Mercifully, a commercial... but now I've missed the forecasts. Darn shark movie. Maybe I'll stay up for 31's newscast.

Update: Marc Strauss on Bruce Pearl's comment about BC/Illinois - "Sir, get out of the car, close your eyes and touch your fingers to your nose."


Now he's on to the baseball/steroids story and I must go back to the shark movie.

Ahhhh. It's still on. And it's still horrible. The best part of the movie... the credits.

Update 2: In honor of the book I'm reading "Blink", here's my first impression of Trisha based on one intro with Jay. Poised. Good reader... no uptalk. Good voice. Was able to transition gracefully from open, to Schaivo story. Like the long hair. Seems like the agents/consultants/news managers in the world are getting the majority of news women to cut their hair and get basically one of four haircuts. This young woman has just said "no."

On blood story, good recognition of different emphasis needed in the intro. Mispronounced Liza's name, but that's okay... she's brand new.

On first impression... a good addition to the 31 news team.


Eric Peterson said...

We came to the conclusion last night that the programming director at CBS is a genious. Think about it. 4 straight days of college basketball. Every man in the country with their eyes glued to CBS for roughly four days. And it all ends with 4 half-naked co-eds spring breaking it up on a beach.

Comic Book Guy

Anonymous said...

As for the 19 anchoring comment -

I believe Josh Brogadir got married this weekend so he's gone.

And Laura was off both nights. Monica Landeros, who I believe is just a reporter, anchored the late show on Saturday.

With not many options, I would prefer seeing someone experienced up there like Paul or even the morning crew. I don't think a reporter can just step up and say "I'll do it". I'm sure it's mostly management decision.

Edgar said...

No, of course it isn't as easy as saying 'I'll do it", but on an average night (not the Academy Awards) I'd rather see one of the younger reporters get a chance. And I'm all in favor of them asking. My guess is management is pretty open to this.

That said, I was in Indy all day Saturday and didn't see Monica (though I'm glad to hear she got a chance). Also didn't know Josh was getting married this weekend.