Thursday, March 10, 2005


Brad Burke writes about buying seasons of your favorite shows on DVD.

I have yet to fully dive into this TV on DVD thing. I did pick up a season of the Simpsons for Christmas, but that's because my brother didn't know what to get me... so I had him buy me something I normally wouldn't.

I will buy "Ed" if it ever comes out on DVD. Might buy the first few seasons of "24" since I've become such a big fan.

Note to those of you with new babies (Jeff) or considering having kids in the future. You'll never watch your shows live again. Not that it's a big deal or even a complaint. Just the facts. Thursday is the big TV night for us. "Survivor", "Apprentice" and "ER." But we don't watch them till the kids are in bed cause it's impossible to watch otherwise. At least we get to skip the commercials.

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