Sunday, March 20, 2005

Shop Talk

Re-connected with current/former Market 117ers I hadn't seen in person in a while.

Brent Lonteen had great seats at midcourt and had his son, Dylan with him. I can't believe how big he is. It seems like he was born just yesterday.

Andrew Miller is the sports director at WICD. He was an intern at WMBD when I was there. Glad to see he's doing so well.

Explained to Jim Mattson that we were both at the same "Wiggles" concert.

Also, heard a really funny story from a "credible source" about an anchor auditioning at at a Chicago station and asking something to the effect of "do I look too young/do I make you look old" to the others on set. It was in jest, I'm sure, but it turns out this did not go over well with the female taking part.

Personally, I think it's great that this anchor got a shot like that and hope it works out.

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Anonymous said...

Actually that prospective anchor asked the established female anchor "Do I look old enough to anchor with you?". It was a stupid comment that may have cost him any chances he had at landing the gig. Needless to say, they have interviewed more people after him. The morales of the story: Think before you open your mouth! Also, just because you are brought in for an interview in market #3, it doesn't mean you have landed the job and can be disrespectful to others.