Tuesday, March 08, 2005

No Place Like Home

As Shannon and I do our homework on home building, we stopped to talk to our mortgage guy today. He asked if we miss television which reminded me that Shannon had to call Jim about some freelance work. So instead of calling, we decided to stop by. The baby was crying to announce our entrance. Dimmick insists that it'll be me crying at some point once we start building.

It was nice because we got to chew the fat with friends we don't see all that much anymore and they got to see the baby. Josh is especially excited about the potential move as it would mean less of a drive for Sunday Ticket viewing.

Got to chat with the boss for a few minutes. Something about what Jim does that I think news directors in other markets need to do a better job of is prepping for the future. Jim is proactive in keeping contact with potential employees in a way that makes the hiring process a much less painful process than it can be at other stations. That... and having experience KARE... one of the most well respected stations in the country... gives him great perspective.

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