Monday, March 21, 2005

It Is All How You Look At It

An anchor in another market shared this thought with me recently...
Yesterday (network anchor) did a piece on how people have finally
stopped buying SUVs because of gasoline prices. Earlier this week the Detroit
News said SUV sales were down and G.M. was way down because of so many gas
guzzlers in its line up.

Five minutes ago....I did a series of teases
saying, "Why are gas guzzlers STILL so popular? We'll ask an expert!" The
"expert" is the sales manager for a local auto dealership which sells


Anonymous said...

And so the line between the sales department and the news department grows thinner still.

Edgar said...

The rest of the e-mail did express the anchor's frustration with this... this person is ready to be done with the biz as we know it today.

Mike said...

BREAKING NEWS FROM CHANNEL 18754! A new study shows Coffee will kill you as soon as our car commercials are over.

(commercial break)

Tonight at ten, CHANNEL 18754 persents: The Truth About Coffee? It could easily prolong your life so you live to be 800 years of age! Brought to you by Folgers coffee!

Anonymous said...

This gives me one more reason to like PBS stations with local news.