Wednesday, March 30, 2005

If You're Going To Send Out Tapes...

Think about this...

(I stopped by the post office with a buddy on the way to lunch today. He was sending something overnight and it reminded me...)

I thought this happened in Peoria, but in thinking about it, it was post office in California.

I was once mailing tapes out for potential jobs. For readers who aren't familiar... to get a job in television in a different market, standard procedure is to send a resume and a resume tape of the best work you've done at your current station.

So I'm at the post office one day and mailing a bunch of "escape tapes" (as some call them) and the woman behind the counter strikes up a conversation. She was an avid news watcher and she points out to me that she notices that we (reporters) will come into the post office mailing a bunch of these sized envelopes at a time to addresses with call letters... and then it seems she doesn't see us anymore. Very observant.

So if you're mailing out tapes, but want to keep it quiet, have someone else do it or figure out the postage and drop it in the box.

One last thought on this... unless you are on a short list and a news director asks for you to send a tape overnight, don't send stuff overnight. I used to watch lots of tapes with news directors/managers I worked for and let me tell you... 1) overnight does not make it seem more important... tapes will sit... and 2) they're gonna watch it when they get around to watching it.

Plus, for you, there's the cost issue. Express mail (next day) for a VHS tape is $13.65, while priority mail (2-3 day avg.) costs $3.85. If you're paranoid like I am, you can get delivery confirmation for another 45 cents. But if you send out 10 tapes, you're looking at a difference of about 93 bucks.

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Chris C. said...

There is a cheaper option. Media mail with delivery confirmation costs $1.97 and gets there in 2-9 days, but usually averages 3. The media rate applies because you are sending VHS tapes.