Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Busy Saturday

Spent the morning bowling in a tournament through work. I'm not a bowler, but I got a group together. I've never done 9 pin tap before (this is where 9 on your first roll counts as a strike) but it was pretty cool. A guy were were bowling with got a 300. Good bonding with work friends.

Then it was off to Bill and Gina's and a birthday party for her daughter. I look at their kids and ours and just can't believe how fast they grow up. Caught up with Matt and Sandy Jones for a while. Both seem like naturals with kids.

I was supposed to play poker at Glenn's (WEEK's webmaster) but with soccer this week and running around all day, I was exahusted and slept basically from 4:30-8ish. We all did... which is why I'm up now. Of course, my co-workers were trying to teach me to play while we bowled.

On my way to get dinner, Rebecca Somach called to catch up. She and Josh finally sold their house in Peoria after 18 months or so. I'm very happy for them as it has been a major pain for them.

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