Thursday, February 24, 2005

You Just Never Know Who Is Reading

Ran into Shelli Dankoff at lunch today at the Adams Street Cafe (that's a shameless, yet unsolicted plug for Dave Slyman). Shelli's doing well and apparently reading what I'm writing, which I find kind of funny because she was a big influence on me when I started writing for a living. A few fun memories...

"Tell me a story", she'd say when I'd come back frustrated, not sure of what I had to cut.

She taught me not to use "over" when I meant "more than."

And she was the first to point out to me that you shouldn't add crutch words to scripts.

See, I was listening. ;)

Shelli was also (and she'll admit this) "jealous" (or maybe just amazed) of my ability to work deals for time off, despite having no seniority.

Much to Shannon's chagrin (before we were dating), she also encouraged my pursuit of a Packers trip with the Newspath producer with the great voice (it never happened).

And Shelli did (along with Rusty Dunn) present the wedding party when Shannon and I got married.

Also heard from Bill Flick via e-mail reply today. I read his column regularly and wanted to see if it would be okay to post his "Meet Mac" story from last summer. I explained "that I have this blog..."

Turns out, he's already been reading. Thanks for stopping by, Bill.

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Jeff Nau said...

I like Shelli Dankoff alot and think she does an excellent job with H. Wayne Wilson on WTVP's At Issue... although it would be nice to see her back at the nightly anchor seat.

I couldn't help but think of her after Rollie's passing. That last show (before he came back to do the noon show) Shelli was just in tears and had a hard time saying goodbye.

I'm glad you shared this with us Edgar.