Sunday, February 13, 2005

You Can't Make Everyone Happy

Steve Tarter's column in the Journal Star gives a rundown of what's on local radio, but he also has a comment from a viewer supporting WEEK's decision to air the Bradley game during the state of the union.

Another viewer shares his opinion in the letters to the editor section. I commented on this that night and I understand the point of view, but I'd like to point out that more networks covered Michael Jordan's first retirement live than have ever done a SOTU... and a billion people watched the Super Bowl when they could have been watching C-SPAN or anything more important. There is always something more important than sports on TV.

It's not WEEK's fault that people want to watch the Bradley game. Former WMBD producer Tracy O'Brien used to have a saying for this kind of thing. She'd say, "hey you know what you need to get?" And the unsuspecting person would say "what?"

"Over it."

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