Sunday, February 20, 2005

When Is It Time To Leave?

At some point newsies look to leave... and there are lots of reasons. New challenges, more money, better hours are usually at the top of the list. Actually those were my top three reasons as I got to do a new kind of television with top of the line equipment, I worked most days until 4:30 and it was for a lot more money.

I was not however, disgruntled or fed up, like many who get frustrated and look to leave for one reason or another. Nor was I in a bad situation as I really did enjoy my time working for Jim Garrott at WEEK.

Alan Heymann, who it looks like happens to be on his way to law school, writes about leaving on his website. If you're on the fence, I think what he writes could inspire you to stay or go. All how you look at it.

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Alan said...

Hi Edgar! Love the blog, and thanks for the link. All's well in DC...