Tuesday, February 01, 2005

What Happens When Nielsen Counts Again?

Former WMBD weekend anchor Lee Ross checked in via e-mail today. He posed a question I just happened to be discussing with my friend Sam.

The blog is titled MARKET117, but Lee asks, what happens when more people (viewers, not news people) leave the market and the size changes? Market is short for Designated Market Area (DMA) which Nielsen Media Research uses to determine the number of viewers in your area.

Just yesterday I was explaining to Sam (also pointed out by Steve Gehlbach in a previous post) that when I first got here, the market was bigger. It was market 110. Sam asked what happened and I told him:

Everyone's moving to Dunlap.

(For those with no sense of humor, yes, I know Dunlap is part of this market.)

As for Lee's question, I'll jump off that bridge when I come to it.


Jeff Nau said...

Do we know if they go by a census count every 10 years... or do they change them yearly?

Anonymous said...

DMA's are measured every year, sometime in late summer I think, before fall season starts. advertisers can't wait every 10 years. and they measure households, not population...big difference from census numbers.

BTW, the quickest way to gain size is by slealing from your neighbor. Peoria could re-claim Galesburg from the Quad Cities and make a nice jump. it might take some legal headaches, but could be worth it. I think you just have to show you cover that area more than the next market over.

Anonymous said...

Here's another interesting question that stems from your question. 31 no longer subscribes to either Neilson or Arbitron (can't remember which) which means they cannot use any of the data with advertisers from the respective survey they don't subscribe to. But the other stations both subscribe. And you know what they say about statistics - you can make them say whatever you want them to say.