Friday, February 04, 2005

Sweeping Up - 1999

The last time we saw a real tightening of the local news ratings race was February of 1999. WEEK was still on top, but WMBD temporarily cut into the lead. All of WMBD's newscast ratings were up.

And while there are all sorts of reasons for shifts, some pointed to WHOI's cancelation of Good Morning HOI. WEEK General Manger Mark DeSantis was quoted in the Journal Star.
If a station cancels a newscast in a key time period, it displaces the rest of
the news shows. There is no bigger growth market in news right now than in
the morning. We're seeing the direct result of HOI getting out of the news
business in the morning.

WHOI eventually brought back their morning show and brought in new anchors. With the exception of a handful of people the news department has totally turned over. Still, it was an exciting time ratings wise, however brief. WMBD was pulling in a 12/24 at 10:00 to WEEK's 14/28.

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